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Aldehyde Monitoring Station 2 (AMS-2) (Discontinued)

The ultimate data logging gas detection system for formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde from PPM Technology, the AMS-2 is a compact desktop unit that enables continuous monitoring of hazardous formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde levels in the workplace using the PPM Formaldemeter and Glutaraldemeter ranges of hand-held instruments.

The AMS-2 offers an easy and affordable way to monitor levels of airborne formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde in the workplace. Connecting any of the PPM Technology Ltd. range of hand-held instruments to the AMS-2 automates their operation, turning them into data logging continuous monitors with user-configurable audible warning alarms. Advanced industrial hygiene functions automatically calculate peak concentration, STEL and TWA values with the option of setting audible alarms for each limit. These provide an immediate warning of potential over exposures as they occur, and the internal memory with battery backup enables recording of exposure data for trend analysis and long-term record keeping.

The AMS-2's menu driven program is operated using the built in keypad, and an easy-to-read liquid crystal display (LCD) guides the user through the instrument's functions for easy changing of parameters such as:

  • Session Setup
  • Setting date and time
  • Alarm set points
  • Data logging options
Logged data can be viewed on the LCD and output on the integral printer, so that results can be reviewed on the spot without the need of a computer. If required, data can be easily downloaded to most PC-based spreadsheet packages using the PPM Data Download software:

The AMS-2 is housed in a rugged ABS enclosure, and the membrane overlay keypad makes it particularly hygienic and easy to clean. These design features make it ideally suited to use in medical settings, laboratories, wood and paper product manufacturing, and the plastics and rubber industry.


Instrument Specifications


Display 16 x 2 Character Alphanumeric LCD
Enclosure ABS Plastic
Power International Mains 120-240VAC 50-60Hz
Alarms Piezo Audio Indicator 75 dB at 30cm
Weight 1400 g
Dimensions 290 x 200 x 100 mm
PC Connection RS232


Kit Contents


AMS-2 Unit
Power Cord with Plug - specify country with order
AMS-2 to Instrument Cable
PC Data Download Software and Cable
2 Thermal Paper Rolls
Operation manual



  • Thermal paper rolls
  • Long-length AMS-2 to Instrument Cable
  • Fuses
  • External Alarm Kit and Sounder
  • Extra Memory Capacity




  • Direct concentration readout on LCD display
  • Real time clock with date
  • Advanced industrial hygiene functions:
    • Peak alarm
    • STEL alarm
    • TWA alarm
  • Built-in printer
  • Data download to PC by RS232




The AMS-2.1 is compatible with the following PPM Technology products:

  • Formaldemeter Htv (serial numbers F5200 and up)
  • Formaldemeter 400 (serial numbers F5200 and up)
  • Formaldemeter 400ST (serial numbers F5200 and up)
  • Glutaraldemeter 3 (serial numbers F5200 and up)

The AMS-2 is compatible with the following PPM Technology products:

  • Formaldemeter Htv (up to serial number F5199)
  • Formaldemeter 400 (up to serial number F5199)
  • Formaldemeter 400ST (up to serial number F5199)
  • Glutaraldemeter 3 (up to serial number F5199)



* AMS-2 now discontinued. See Formaldemeter htV-M for an alternative monitoring solution.