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Formaldemeter™ 400 (Discontinued)




The advanced direct read formaldehyde monitor from PPM Technology. The Formaldemeter 400 is an ultra compact, truly hand held instrument that can provide a rapid indication of hazardous airborne formaldehyde levels at the touch of a button.

The Formaldemeter 400 offers a simple way to monitor levels of airborne formaldehyde in the workplace. The instrument has been designed with ease-of-use in mind, being operated via a simple four button keypad and featuring an easy-to-read four-digit display. The Formaldemeter 400 uses a well proven electrochemical formaldehyde sensor that will provide an immediate indication of atmospheric formaldehyde levels.

Unlike other formaldehyde monitoring devices such as colour stain tubes and badges, the Formaldemeter 400 is capable of measuring many samples consecutively without the need for inconvenient ancillary equipment. Real time results also mean that potential over exposures can be identified as they occur, without the delay associated with laboratory analysis. A formaldehyde calibration standard is included in the Formaldemeter 400 Kit that enables the user to check and adjust calibration in the field at the touch of a button:

  1. Hold the instrument in the atmosphere to be analysed.
  2. Depress the SAMPLE button.
  3. The formaldehyde concentration is displayed in parts-per-million (ppm) in approximately 8 seconds.




Sensor Electrochemical
Calibration In-field formaldehyde calibration standard
Display 4 digit LCD
Sampling Frequency 0 - 3 minutes depending on previous reading
Sample volume Approx 10 ml
Detection Range 0 - 10 ppm (other ranges available on request)
Precision 10% at 2 ppm level
Response Time Approximately 8 seconds from sampling
Power 9V PP3 alkaline battery
Enclosure ABS plastic
Weight 270g Instrument / 750g Complete Kit
Dimensions 150 x 80 x 34 mm Instrument / 266 x 230 x 50 mm Complete Kit


Kit Contents



  • Formaldemeter 400 instrument with battery
  • Formaldehyde calibration standard tube
  • Pack of phenol filters (10)
  • Thermometer
  • Ball point pen
  • Operation manual





  • Phenol Filters: Complete removal of contaminants such as phenol and resorcinol can be achieved by attaching PPM Phenol Filters to the sampling port of the instrument. The data in table 2 show their effectiveness on the Formaldemeter II.
  • Calibration Standard: PPM supplies an easy-to-use formaldehyde calibration standard tube for checking and adjusting the calibration of the Formaldemeter 400. The tube produces a known concentration of formaldehyde vapour that can be sampled by the instrument to check accuracy and performance. The standard has a 100-sample capacity or a useful life of six months (whichever occurs sooner).
  • PPM AMS-2 Aldehyde Monitoring Station: The PPM AMS-2 enables the Formaldemeter 400 to be used as a data logging semi-continuous formaldehyde area monitor. The AMS-2 is a compact bench top unit that connects to the hand held instrument and essentially automates the operation of the Formaldemeter 400.
  • Single / Multi Point System: The Single / Multi Point Monitoring System enables formaldehyde monitoring to be carried out at one or more location simultaneously. Several monitoring points can be connected to the system and monitored at a central location via one PC.


Table 1 :

Accuracy of Formaldemeter ( F ) versus the Modified NIOSH ( N ) Method.

0.37 0.4 1.84 1.9 5.07 4.9
0.37 0.4 1.96 1.9 4.94 5.0
0.31 0.3 1.93 1.7 5.07 5.1
0.34 0.3 1.93 1.7 5.15 5.1
Mean 0.35 0.35 1.92 1.80 5.06 5.03
St Dev 0.03 0.06 0.05 0.12 0.09 0.10
All concentrations in ppm.
Ref: American Industrial Hygine Journal 46 (10): 578-584


Table 2 :

Comparison of Sample Results at 21.5°C from Formaldehyde (0.5g/l) and Phenol (80g/l) Mix.

Test Instrument N° 67 N° 74 N° 97 N° 132
Without filter 53.5 42.1 43.1 37.1
With filter 2.7 2.8 2.6 2.6
All concentrations in ppm, formaldehyde concentration 2.7ppm.
Ref: BTTG Shirley Technology Centre.


Advantages: Uses:
  • Easy to use - minimal operator training required
  • Rapid response time
  • Real time readings allow immediate response to results
  • Reliable electrochemical sensor
  • Does not require inconvenient ancillary sampling equipment or readers
  • Simple in-field calibration
  • Connectivity to AMS-2 or PC for continuous monitoring
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Particle boards
  • Laminated boards
  • Synthetic resin
  • Paint manufacture
  • Paper manufacture
  • Dye stuffs
  • Textile treatment
  • Horticulture
  • Cosmetics




* Formaldemeter 400 now discontinued. See Formaldemeter htV for an alternative monitoring solution.