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PPMonitor Stand Alone System (SAS)



Real time, simultaneous measurement of eight customer specified IAQ Parameters, sensor range options include but are not limited to formaldehyde, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, TVOC, RSP and Air Velocity.

Full easy to use software package integrated within the stand alone system, allowing the complete undertaking of buildings management operations from day one. The software provides full password protection and network access to the data. Continuous or daily scheduling of sampling is possible allowing total automation for the duration of the sampling period. Full automation and storage of all operations and results. With added feature of history note log, allowing the previewing and annotation of recorded operations.


Ability to generate graphs, collate data to produce reports, and calculate statistical data such as STEL and TWA. Stylish, lightweight and compact model, allows placement in different areas of a building. System software allows the long-term logging and recording of different areas results have been taken from. Choice of threshold levels to best suit individual operations.

The PPMonitor SAS system has been developed to allow flexibility and freedom in monitoring IAQ levels, and to ensure that monitoring is thoroughly accurate, applicable and cost effective for every individual situation. In recognition of the need for flexible and adaptable monitoring, the portable Stand Alone System simultaneously measures up to 7 IAQ parameters that have been specifically chosen by the systems user. The built in software package allows the user to instantaneously access results, reports, and scheduling options, providing a combination of highly accurate sensor readings, and comprehendible buildings systems management. Designed to give a visual representation of indoor air quality, the system provides a dual environmental benefit; real-time functions enable immediate warnings of the presence of harmful toxic gases, protecting employees and the public. Analysis of the recorded data through the systems inbuilt software also allows more efficient management of resources and energy. Applications:

  • Measurement of air quality in any non-industrial indoor environment
  • Investigation of Sick Building Syndrome and other building related illnesses
  • HVAC system performance studies
  • Evaluating air control measures
  • A compact solution for IAQ legislation


Instrument Specifications


Power Requirements 200-240V, 50Hz/100-127V,60Hz
Operating Range 0-30°C, 15-90%RH
Power International Mains 120-240VAC 50-60Hz
Weight 4.5Kg
Dimensions 225mm x 330mm x 200mm
Software Pre-installed Windows XP proffesional and PPMonitor SAS exclusive management software
Data Storage 80Gb HD(>5 years of data)
Sampling Rate 7 parameter data values every minute
Built In Display 6.5" TFT screen, 640(W) x 480(H) pixels


Sensor Options


Temperature (CMOSens technology) range:-40°Cto+128°C resolution:0.01°C
Humidity (CMOSens technology) range:0-100%, resolution:0.01%
VOC's (PID) range:0-20ppm, resolution:<0.01ppm
Formaldehyde (Electrochemical) range:0-10ppm, resolution: 0.001ppm
Carbon Dioxide (NDIR) range:0-5000ppm, resolution:1ppm
Carbon Monoxide (Electrochemical) range:0-100ppm, resolution:0.1ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide (Electrochemical) range:0-20ppm, resolution:0.01ppm
Sulphur Dioxide (Electrochemical) range:0-5ppm, resolution:0.01ppm
Ozone (Electrochemical) range:0-1ppm, resolution:0.01ppm
Air Velocity (External Connection) Omni directional probe with cable, measures low velocities down to 0.05m/s (Availability TBA)
Particulates (External Connection) respirable size,PM10,PM2.5 or PM1.0 size fractions (Availability TBA)


PPMonitor Software



Click on the following links to see the PPMonitor software in action
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