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SPC-1 (Discontinued)



The SPC-1 device provides an interface method between a computer and the PPM Technology range of hand-held instruments that enables the discrete-time monitoring of hazardous formaldehyde. Monitoring software used together with its related hardware enables the SPC-1 to allow 8 PPM Technology hand-held instruments to be automated when connected to either the COM or USB ports of your PC. Through using the SPC-1 programme it will be possible to list the a vailable hand held instruments; schedule the monitoring; collect and archive data; show graphical representation of the data collected; set alarm threshold levels; and generate graphsor reports, from the stored data.


Using the included Monitoring software is simple. By clicking the Monitor button, a list of available instruments (units) is shown. This list is common to several screens and will change automatically when units are connected and disconnected. An indicator is situated next to every unit on the list. The indicator shows the status of each unit. The table below explains these:

Status Colour
Faulty / Missing
Flashing Red
Amber (Italic name)
Unit disabled








By clicking on an individual graph, it is enlarged and details' relating to that particular sensor is shown.

Theses include:

  • Maximum, Minimum and Mean
  • Last Readings
  • Peak, T.W.A. and S.T.E.L.
  • Calculated T.W.A. and S.T.E.L.
  • mg/m³ values

T.W.A. is used when both the chemical concentration and exposure time varies. It is usually calculated over 8 hours, which is the standard daily work shift.

S.T.E.L. is usually the average concentration for the last 15-minutes.



The SPC-1 is compatible with the following PPM Technology products:

  • Formaldemeter Htv (up to serial number F5199)
  • Formaldemeter 400 (up to serial number F5199)
  • Formaldemeter 400ST (up to serial number F5199)
  • Glutaraldemeter 3 (up to serial number F5199)



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