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Formaldemeter™ Valve

With the subject of Indoor Air Quality becoming more prominent and recognised throughout many different industries, it has become essential to be able to accurately monitor low levels of indoor pollutant gases.

The Formaldemeter Valve offers the same precise 3 parameter monitoring for low levels of hazardous formaldehyde vapours under extremes of temperature and humidity as seen in the Formaldemeter htV-M, but with the addition of an added valve to the internal manifold. This addition helps to prevent any contaminants from entering the chamber before and after a sample has been taken. This Formaldemeter is idealy suited for environments with high concentrations of interferents which may otherwise interfere with the correct operation of the unit.


  • A built in valve to close off the sampling chamber once a sample has been taken
  • A built in non-volatile memory that can be upgraded.
  • Capable of up to one month of continuous monitoring.
  • A real time clock.
  • Mains or battery powered.
  • Can be used as a manual hand held and a continuous monitoring data logger.
  • USB interface allowing direct connection to a PC for downloading data.
  • Supplied with the Formaldemeter download software.
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards and compliant to CE regulations.







The Formaldemeter Valve instrument can precisely measure formaldehyde concentrations in parts per million (ppm) and mg/m3 over a wide range of temperature and humidity. Fast and easy to use, pressing a single button gives an immediate indication of concentration levels. The Formaldemeter Valve is reliable and simple to calibrate. The compact size means the Formaldemeter Valve is small enough to be used as a hand held device. The built in memory and real time clock enables the instrument to log all 3 parameters and corresponding times, allowing improved monitoring and analysis opportunities. Alternatively a PC can automate the sampling and log data at specific times via a direct connection. This is advantageous as it allows the user more freedom and is a cost effective approach to taking such measurements.





Easy to use, four button interface.
DC Socket and USB connection
Built in Stand

The Formaldemeter Valve has the same simple 4 button layout as the htv-m, htV, 400 and Glutaraldemeter units.

One button to turn on and another to sample. By pressing particular button combinations together, the user can access temperaure and humidity readings, check the gain and also calibrate the unit with the provided Formaldehyde standard.



The built in DC socket allows the instrument to be powered by the mains if used as a continuous data logger, so as to save the internal battery of the unit.

The mini USB socket allows data to be downloaded quickly and easily to the PC using the supplied htV-m download software


A simple fold out stand allows the unit to sample in an upright position, while also providing a better viewing angle for checking formaldehyde levels on the display.








Sampling Method 10ml snatch-sample of air taken by internal pump.
Sampling Frequency 2 minutes in normal IAQ conditions.
Response Time 60 seconds in 'high accuracy' mode,
approx. 8 seconds in 'lower accuracy' mode.
Mechanical 150 x 80 x 34mm ABS plastic case.
Padded accessory-case 266 x 230 x 50mm.
Weight 270g with 9v PP3 alkaline battery
Total kit weighs 750g.


Formaldehyde Sensor


Type Electrochemical manufactured by PPM Technology..
Range 0-10ppm as standard (0- 12.3 mg/m³ at 25°C).
Extended range available on request.
Resolution 0.01 ppm
Precision 2%
Accuracy 94% of all instrument readings meet the NIOSH criteria for an acceptable method when measuring 0.3ppm of formaldehyde over a relative humidity range of 25-70%. The NIOSH criterion for acceptability is that all results fall within ±25% of the true value at the 95% confidence level.
Calibration By user with supplied calibration standard or by original manufacturer.


Temperature & Humidity Module


Type Interchangeable digital CMOSens®..
Range -40 to +128°C, 0–100% RH
Accuracy ±0.4°C, ±3% RH
Optional upgrade to ±0.3°C, ±1.8% RH
Calibration Calibrated to ISO/IEC17025 by manufacturer. Traceable by the ‘National Institute of Standards and Technology' and the ‘National Physical Laboratory'.


Kit Contents


  • Formaldemeter Valve instrument with battery
  • Formaldehyde calibration standard tube
  • USB Cable
  • Pack of phenol filters (10)
  • Digital copy of manual
  • Mains Adapter
  • Download Software




  • Calibration Standard: PPM supplies an easy-to-use formaldehyde calibration standard tube for checking and adjusting the calibration of the Formaldemeter Valve. The tube produces a known concentration of formaldehyde vapour that can be sampled by the instrument to check accuracy and performance. The standard has a 100-sample capacity or a useful life of six months (whichever occurs sooner).
  • Wall mounted cradle.



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